Program does not reach main, uVision5


My project involve FATFS and USB MSC. We started this project with STM32L073 MCU. Than, we changed our MCU with STM32L072. After changing MCU, we faced the problem. Now, I can build my code without problem. But, program doesnt reach the main. 

Before i send this post, I read some advice about this issue.

Firstly, i checked heap in my startup file. Increasing heap didnt work in my case but, strange thing is that increasing heap doesnt increase ram usage. I doubt about this. As i know, increasing heap usage should increase ram usage.  

In disassembly screen, there is a branch line like below. This branch line sources of infinite loop. 

0x1FF001EC F7FFFF7A  BL.W     0x1FF000E4

0x1FF001F2 2800      CMP      r0,#0x00

0x1FF001F4 D0B6      BEQ      0x1FF00164

I need your advices about how can i fix this or which part of project do i check? 

Thank you

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