Help to develop GUI personal from command line BlueNRG-2 and STLINK-V3

Hello, I'm Pathros and I want to know if somebody help me with the follow...

I'm programming BlueNRG-2 (Cortex M0) with the ST GUI but I want to design a personal GUI from the command line or an SDK using a STLINK-V3 programmer.

Somebody can tell me where can I found the command line list or SDK that I need to use, please?

Or some example to be able to program a microcontroller using command line. 

If anyone has more information on this topic, I will be very grateful.

TEST---- (PC) ----> (Hex File) ---> (Command line) ----> (Programmer) -----> (Target)

FINAL IDEA ---- (PC) ----> (Personal GUI) ----> (Hex File) ----> (Commad line) ----> (Programmer) -----> (Target)

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