CMSIS dsp - no hardware debugging

I normally work with data in Matlab, but I have to to convert my Matlab work to CMSIS dsp library. I don't have any experience in embedded programming and I can't understand how some things work.
I downloaded Keil MDK pack with their IDE and CMSIS dsp pack. I can open pack installer in IDE, choose Simulator as board and copy example with DSP_Lib. Then I have example program and it builds, everything looks fine.
How can I however run this program and analyse input and output signal?
If I start debug I can go throught entire program but I can't get any values. There is code:
#if defined(SEMIHOSTING)
#include <stdio.h>
Printing output could help but it doesn't work as semihosting is not definied in any of DSP examples. So how can I get values of output so I could what signal did I get? I don't have any hardware so I need to simulate this procces.
In this Youtube clip there is at least memory window where You can see nice decimal values of an array in testOuput variable. If I try to do the same I can only see some random hex values.
Any help with understanding how it works or how to get what I need would be great.
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