RTX Operating System - porting to new hardware platform (Voragotech ARM Cortex M4)

We have one question about the operating system RTX, which is provided together with the Keil-MDK environment.

We are working with a new hardware platform from VoragoTech, which is based on the ARM Cortex M4 processor, see here more details: www.voragotech.com/.../va41630

We would like to understand which would be the process for using the RTX operating system on this new hardware.

  1. Is it needed to do some porting of RTX for the new hardware, with the provision of a specific BSP/libraries for the operating system?
  2. If porting is required, who is normally taking care of this porting activity? Keil or directly the hardware manufacturer?

Currently we have a basic BSP available from the company VoragoTech, for baremetal software.

But we do not have any support yet for an operating system. We are considering FreeRtos and RTX as possible alternatives.

For FreeRtos, we understand it is needed to do some porting. But for RTX we do not know, so this is why we wanted to ask.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Gustavo Ambrosio

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