How to do changes to the arm pack managed files in keil RTE

When using Keil RTE, I want to do some changes to the file managed by the pack system, but it seems they all are read only. So, are there any way keil provided for us to do the changes? Or just Keil absolutely don't permit any changes to them?


  • Such files are write-protected by intention. Keep in mind - any modification will get replaced by updating such Packs. 

  • They're just files - you can clear the write protection if you want.

    Just bear in mind what  said - any changes you make will get overwritten by the next Pack update.

    This is really no different to editing any 3rd-party files.

    A common approach would be to take a copy of the file(s) in question, and make your modifications in that/them.

    This still leaves you with the maintenance issue of having to check whether any of the supplier's (eg, Keil's) changes from their updates need to be merged into your "hacked" version.

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