Call stack doesn't work anymore


a while ago, we updated from RTX4 to RTX5. Since the update the Call stack window doesn't show all threads anymore.

I already tried this: Now the call stack shows the main thread und the call stack for the main thread works, but all other threads are missing.

This also can't help because we're using uVision V5.29.

Our project ist a Multi-Project Workspace with 3 projects (board-level, core and application). The board and core project are compiled to a lib and the libs are included in the application project. All 3 projects contain threads.

The project organization was the same with RTX 4 and there it worked without any problem. We only updated the RTX and uVision.

We have also some older projects which still are using RTX4 and there is still works (with uVision V5.29).

Did anyone had the same problem or knows a solution?

Thanks for your support!


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