LPC2148 USB device faills to return descriptor

Hi all,

I'm struggling with extreamly weird scenario for me. I have a device using LPC2148. I wanted to run USB communication, so I had downloaded HID example code and upload to the device. In uVision debug mode, I can see, that device get a request for Device Descriptor and generates a response writing it to register USBTxData (from specification) / TX_DATA (from example code). How ever, any byte is not sent on a +D -D lines.

I have checked PLL settings and they are correct - also confirmed by appropriate reciving descriptor request - USB block works

I have external power supply, so I did not connect pin P0.23/VBUS to USB connector. It is used to different purposes.

Example code was not modified.

IRQs works as normal.

What else I can check? What can blocks USB to send data out?

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