How to get an ELF file from Keil C51

Hi All,

I've been using Keil C51 compiler for sometime to compile firmware for an 8051 processor. I recently wanted to use a 3rd party firmware debugger tool and looks like they only accept ELF/DWARF files as an input. Hence I wanted to dump a ELF image from my Keil C51 which doesn't seem to be possible. After reviewing Keil documentation, I think I can only dump an object file which is of type OMF-51. 

I looked for a vendor who can provide me a tool which can accept OMF-51 but I had no luck. So I started looking to find any tools out there which can convert the OMF-51 to ELF file and I had hit a dead-end in this direction as well.

Hence as a last resort, I decided to post in this forum to see if anyone can suggest any solution. Also, it is to be noted that changing a compiler is NOT an option for me. 


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