Save/Restore (Read/Write) Evaluation Board code (STM32L476G-EVAL)

Its been a while since I've been on the Keil forums.  Not exactly a fan of this new ARM forum format... yet.

I am doing a project using a STM32L4xx MCU.  While my PCB is out to fab, I will be writing the bring-up firmware. I purchased the STM32L476G-EVAL demo board to test my code-monkey code which will be re-targeted for the actual MCU/PCB.

Since the EVAL has some spiffy pre-loaded firmware already in it, I'd like to read the existing code, save it, and then flash it back when I'm done. (I also downloaded the official Eval  firmware .hex file from ST-Micro's website).

Usually, I write the bring-up code on the actual target PCB/Assembly, but this time, I've purchased a dev board (I rarely ever do that).  I usually don't need to read/write the flash independently from the source code, hence this stupid question.

Lurking through the Keil 'documentation' it isn't clear what the steps are to
1) Read MCU Flash into a file
2) Write an existing .hex file into the MCU Flash
I want to do this as simply as possible.

Our company purchased a ULINK2 and Eval Board and is sticking with the Keil Evaluation MDK until I scream about it. I don't think I'll need 32K for this project.  Then, after the prototype works out, we will buy the real deal MDK.

Also, "Hi" to all those old-timer Keil contributors... I won't list them (e.g. Andy, or Per, Erik, etc.) because I might offend those I don't mention.

(Obviously, its me---long winded question)

--Cpt. Vince Foster
2nd Cannon Place
Fort Marcy Park, VA

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