USBD_CDC_ACM_WriteData() replaces 0x0D with 0x0A in the sent data.


I'm using the Keil USB library to implement a CDC ACM driver (Keil Middleware v7.3.0)  to send data from my LPC4330 to a linux host. 

I'm sending an array of bytes to the host from the LPC4330.

The funtion USBD_CDC_ACM_WriteData() sends the data through, but changes all 0x0D(CR) bytes with 0x0A(LF).

Is there a way to disable this "feature", I would like to send through binary data and not have to convert everything to ASCII.

I'm using uVision

/* Send packet to phytec */
osMutexWait(usb_tx_mutex, 0xFFFF);
    (void)USBD_CDC_ACM_WriteData(0U, ffsk_packet_buff, 29);


Carel Bosch

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