PC-Lint: Not working navigation (incorrect path)


I integrated PC-Lint Plus and get following Output. If i click on this line, i would expect uVision to jump to that line, but it doesn't work.

The shown path in the popuo-window is correct, but uVision seems to be not able handling it.

I tried to change the formatting but it doesnt work, because it gets overwriten by the UV4.exe (in line 38008 of the file there is -format="*** LINT: %(%f(%l) %)%t %n: %m") that overrides my format. How can I set my own format?

But im doubting that the formatting of UV.exe-Application is faulty. I think more I missed some point in configuring, therefore I get the faulty path. Did some else have the same problem, or anyone else has a clue?

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