OnSemi RSL10 BDK packs not installing: cannot read PDSC file


does anyone know why this happens? I can install the general RSL10 CMSIS pack but the packs related to development kits won't install. I get the error shown in the topic header. The pack in question is


which can be downloaded from


I even tried to change the extension to zip (it really is a zip) and extract the contents to the directory where other packs reside. That way I got an error "unsupported file format" for the pdsc file. Looking inside, it's a completely normal xml file, just like the one in the general CMSIS pack directory. Only the first line differs, UTF-8 definition is missing but adding that doesn't help either.

Is there a way of figuring out how this could be solved?

My Pack Installer version is, as generated with uVision version


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