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I am trying to interface a STM32F072RB with an MX25R1645FM1IL0 external SPI Flash Chip (16Mbit). When I download the program via a JLink Plus to the STM32 the build output shows the following error:

Target info:
Device: STM32F072RB
VTarget = 3.330V
State of Pins: 
TCK: 0, TDI: 0, TDO: 0, TMS: 1, TRES: 1, TRST: 0
Hardware-Breakpoints: 4
Software-Breakpoints: 8192
Watchpoints:          2
JTAG speed: 4000 kHz
No Algorithm found for: 20000000H - 200000C7H
Partial Erase Done (areas with no algorithms skipped!)
No Algorithm found for: 20000000H - 200000C7H
Partial Programming Done (areas with no algorithms skipped!)
Partial Verify OK (areas with no algorithms skipped!)
Application running ...
Flash Load finished at 10:40:40

My Programming Algorithms (Flash -> Configure Flash Tools -> Utilities Tab -> Settings -> Flash Download Tab) the settings are as follows:

Download Function: Erase All Sectors (toggled), Program (checked), Verify (checked), Reset and Run (checked)
RAM for Algorithm:  Start: 0x20000000, Size: 0x1000

                                                    Description                         Device Size         Device Type                    Address Range      
Programming Algorithm: STM32F0xx 128kB Flash                   128k            On-Chip-Flash              08000000H - 0801FFFH     (all default)

Lastly, below, the start and Size fields for the 'STM32F0xx 128kB Flash' are as follows: Start: 0x08000000      Size: 0x00020000   (default)

What is the error "No Algorithm found for: 20000000H - 200000C7H" referring to? My SPI Flash is managed entirely by the STM32... So do I need to include a programming Algorithm for this chip? (I would think not). 

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