Keil MDK 5.26.2 Misses characters in the Debug (Printf) Viewer

I'm trying to debug output from my MCU (TM4C123) main system clock operating at 50MHz.  When I try to print more than a few characters of output I find that many characters are being dropped from the Debug (Printf) Viewer window of MDK (v5.26.02). I'm using a JLink-Pro for the debugger and SW connection with auto detection of clock speed.

Here is an example of CLI command i'm using that should have nice columns to give a sense for how many characters are being dropped:

| Logical  |  Bl  | Physical |
|   Addr   |  State   |   Addr   |
|      0   |   Used  |      1   |
|      1   |   Used   |      0   |
|----------|----------|----------| eed Blocks list = 50 / 51

I also have the same CLI command running on a TM4C129 with a main clock speed of 120 MHz and the output is FAR better.  However, if I do a CLI command that dumps memory then I lose characters on that output too. 

So my question is what can be done about this, If there a larger buffer that can be configured on the PC for MDK? Maybe an init file? Has anyone else had this problem?

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