Keil debugger mode doesn't work

Hello i'm new in this forum, I have a issue with keil, I try to learn more for adc and other things with the stm32f103c8 (I bought 4 it's very cheap XD), in the firts time I do the blink led, then I try the debugger and it was work properly.
When I try to check a variable in mode ADC the st link debugger doesn't do anything. I return my code to the blinker led and the issue keep, keil doesn't debug.
I read something similar in this issue to and download the firmware version for the st link but keil doesn't work with them.

st link version downgrade

st link version, functional version for keil

keil debug mode, apparently is functional... but

when I use the red circle function, keil doesn't do anything, the 

example, as you can see the double cross doesn't appear.

Thank for your time, I'm from Mexico I don't know if my expression it's really good.

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