MDK Middleware Network Component v7 and W5500?


I want to ask how far you can use Network Component v7 with W5500?
W5500 is Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controlle, but have hw support only for IP4.
The question is whether it can be used for example Compact or Full webserver from midleware with W5500?
eventually, is possible combine Hardwired IP4 with sw implemntation IP6 from midleware?
How difficult it is to adjust Network Component v7 for W5500?
There are some examples of using the W5500 with Network Component v7
Thank you
  • The W5500 is not suitable for use with the Network Component.

    The Network Component supports many more features than the W5500. The Network services (HTTP server, FTP server etc.) are based on sync sockets (native sockets), while the W5500 provides a kind of async sockets.

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