How to make a program from 0x0800 0400 that is on page 1 of stm32f042.

I want to leave page 0 of this microcontroller free to enter or not in the DFU boot.
I'm using the IROM1: modify feature to directly place the address I want, but to no avail.
Could anyone tell me what I need to configure in keil for this to work?

  • Either change the linker script load region / execution region or achieve the same using the GUI (Options->target page).

  • The processor starts at a specific address, data is suitably mapped from the base of FLASH, RAM or ROM, at the zero address space based on the state of the BOOTx pins in the case of ST designs.

    This means a vector table needs to be at 0x08000000, it is not going to see one at 0x08000400. You need a pair of vector entries at 0x08000000 for SP and PC, but these can point where you want. Or a simple loader app to transfer control to you alternate starting point.

    To change the vector table on this device you're going to need to copy it to the base of RAM, and then remap the RAM at address space zero. You should not let the linker use this RAM for applications variables, so typically IRAM1 would now start at 0x200000C0

    Look for ST's IAP (In App Programming) examples of how this is achieved.

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