Useful links for configuring USBHostLite for FAT32 file system

USBHostLite includes just FAT16 file system library. Replace it to another one, such as FatFs (FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32)

Here is an example of FatFs over USBHostLite (LPC17xx).

Interfacing ARM controllers with Memory-Cards
Find "ChaN's FAT-Module with LPC17xx SPI/SSP and USB-MSD" paragraph near the bottom.

Above mentioned information, I have gathered from one of the replies in Keil forum.
I didn't get the sample codes as mentioned in the comment. First website have a list of file functions and a few links to some blogs and codes. But, I am not sure which one i should refer.

The second mentioned link leads to some German university website.

Can someone please explain.

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