uvision v5.11.1.0 could not load file .axf, debugger aborted

I'm attempting to get uvision working on a VM of windows 8.1 embedded industrial running on ubuntu 14.04. when I'm trying to start the debugger with a project that has been tested and working on another computer with uVision. When I try to start the debugger, I first get a message that says: "EVALUATION MODE running with code size limit: 32k"
I then click the okay box and this is the next error code and the debugger gives up:

Error: Could not load file 'X:\ARM\Excercise01\Excercise01.axf'. Debugger aborted !

I attempted an older solution for v3 where I replaced the TLM.DLL but it did not change anything.

I'm not too familiar with this program or windows yet so there might be something I'm missing.

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