Admin - Call for forum enhancement requests in 2019

Hello All,

As mentioned in other threads, we are working on enhancements to the Keil forum.

As a starting point, we looked at suggestions in these previous threads. We will not be able to add all of these features, but even those that don't make it will server as guidance for us.


I shall do my best to summarize these below. If not otherwise specified, assume these comments come from thread 17220.

These are from 10 years ago, so...
- Which suggestions are no longer relevant?
- Which ones are needed now more than ever?
- What new feedback do you have?
- What features do you love about the current forum that you would NOT want see disappear?


Since this is your forum, we want to make sure enhancements work for the community. We'll try to make enhancements that meet the overall themes and goals you lay out (with the resources and time we have).

Thank you again for your participation in this forum, and all the good suggestions and conversations you have given over the years. We hope with these enhancements, will keep our community going for years to come.

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