TMS470R1B1M - cannot upload binary to flash

Hello all,

I'm using the SM470 version of this chip which is assured to be backwards compatible with the TMS470 processor (part of the high reliability range now).

Now, there is no support for either processor in version 5 of the compiler - I can't find any ARM7 devices in uVision 5 infact. Therefore I have resorted to a very old version of the compiler (V4.0).

An example project in the Keil installation that builds successfully for this platform, along with my own program I wrote for the device are proving impossible to upload to the on chip flash, however.

I am using a uLink2 with downgraded firmware (to be compatible with the 4.0 IDE) as the knowledgebase article suggests and standard device settings from the built in TMS470 processor profiles in the target selection.

Despite this, I am seeing the error "Cannot write to flash algorithms" which is well documented as referring to the "RAM for Algorithm" dialog - whose settings are currently "Start: 0x2000000" for "0x1000" bytes.

Now, the IAR example has the RAM start address at 0x00400080 which I will try shortly - but can anyone confirm or deny that they have had a similar problem? The memory map information on the TI processor is almost entirely missing (except for register access) so I can't recreate linker information from scratch!

Does anyone have any thoughts - I missed the ARM7 bandwagon a few years ago and have only ever programmed on Cortex processors!

Kind thanks, all

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