code location (part c8051f120.h)

I'm trying to use the updater_F02x.c file and project to load my firmware and reset to run it. But the part I'm using is c8051f120.h. I understand the 02 code should work with the 120.

I understand to place the code at a specific memory address you use these parameters during link:


I want to place this updater code very high
in memory, about 4k below 128k, which would be bank 3, addr EFFF. How do I place it at bank 3, addr EFFF. Do I simply forget about the banks and specify the address as if there were no banks, as so?


I'm new at this kind of thing and would appreciate a response that takes this into consideration.

BTW, I am using the Cygnal IDE and it crashes like very 10 minutes. Very annoying!

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