Access violation at 0xFFFFFFF4

Hello, I am new to Keil, I stuck on the following problem.

I am testing project located at Keil\ARM\Boards\Milandr\MCU_1986VE92U\Blinky which is designed for Milandr board. I've made no changes however it does not work on simulator. The only error message I get - "*** error 65: access violation at 0xFFFFFFF4 : no 'write' permission".

I've cheched this link, but it seems it is not what I need. According to milandrs specification memory region 0xE0100000-0xFFFFFFFF is reserved, so I am not sure that setting write permission to that region will help.

Please assist since I totally dunno what to do. I am really confused by the fact that demo example does not work out of the box.

  • Hello Alexander Tagaev,

    In Options for Target - Debug - 'Simulator section' CPU DLL you can add "-REMAP" to Parameter.
    This will automatically remap the code from address 0x08000000 to address 0x00000000.

    But be aware that this device is not simulated and also the address space for the peripherals are not mapped. To map the periperal address space you need an INI file which does this mapping.

    Use command MAP.

    MAP 0x40000000, 0x40001FFF Read Write  // map peripherals

    Best Regards,
    Martin Guenther

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