wrong compilation with bdata in .h (use of extern)


this the version of my keil µvision sofware:

µVision3 V3.51

Tool Version Numbers:
Toolchain Path: C:\Keil\C51\BIN\
C Compiler: C51.Exe V8.08
Assembler: A51.Exe V8.00d
Linker/Locator: BL51.Exe V6.05
Librarian: LIB51.Exe V4.24
Hex Converter: OH51.Exe V2.6
CPU DLL: S8051.DLL V3.11
Dialog DLL: D500.DLL V2.46

my problem:
I have a wrong compilation with the use a global bdata variable.

here is my code in multiple file:


#include global.h

unsigned char bdata buffer;
sbit buffer_0 = buffer^0;
sbit buffer_1 = buffer^1;
sbit buffer_2 = buffer^2;
sbit buffer_3 = buffer^3;
sbit buffer_4 = buffer^4;
sbit buffer_5 = buffer^5;
sbit buffer_6 = buffer^6;
sbit buffer_7 = buffer^7;

xdata struct struct_plateau plateau[6]  _at_    0x4001;


extern unsigned char bdata buffer;
extern bit buffer_0;
extern bit buffer_1;
extern bit buffer_2;
extern bit buffer_3;
extern bit buffer_4;
extern bit buffer_5;
extern bit buffer_6;
extern bit buffer_7;

extern xdata struct struct_plateau plateau[6];

struct struct_plateau {

        unsigned char lampe_tilt_ou_bonus;
        unsigned char lampe_carte_et_stop;



#include global.h

void test_switch_bandeau_et_lampe_bandeau_et_tilt () {

        buffer = memorisation_lecture_switch_carte;

        plateau[0].lampe_carte_et_stop = buffer_0;   //ligne 1
        plateau[1].lampe_carte_et_stop = buffer_1;   //ligne 2
        plateau[2].lampe_carte_et_stop = buffer_2;   //ligne 3
        plateau[3].lampe_carte_et_stop = buffer_3;   //ligne 4
        plateau[4].lampe_carte_et_stop = buffer_4;   //ligne 5
        plateau[5].lampe_carte_et_stop = buffer_5;   //ligne 6

        buffer = memorisation_lecture_switch_stop;  //don't compile this ligne 7

        plateau[0].lampe_tilt_ou_bonus = buffer_0;   //ligne 8
        plateau[1].lampe_tilt_ou_bonus = buffer_1;   //ligne 9
        plateau[2].lampe_tilt_ou_bonus = buffer_2;   //ligne 10
        plateau[3].lampe_tilt_ou_bonus = buffer_3;   //ligne 11
        plateau[4].lampe_tilt_ou_bonus = buffer_4;   //ligne 12
        plateau[5].lampe_tilt_ou_bonus = buffer_5;   //ligne 13


the problem is that the compilator don't take a look of the ligne 7.
I have take a look in the desasembly file and It save the result of the ligne 1 to 6
in register R0 to R5 and restore this value in ligne 8 to 13.

I have try this second solution and all is ok

void test_switch_bandeau_et_lampe_bandeau_et_tilt () {

unsigned char i;

        buffer = memorisation_lecture_switch_carte;

        for (i=0 ; i<6; i++) {
                if (buffer_0 == 0) {
                        plateau[i].lampe_carte_et_stop = 0;
                else {
                        plateau[i].lampe_carte_et_stop = 1;
                buffer >>= 1;

        buffer = memorisation_lecture_switch_stop;

        for (i=0; i<6; i++) {
                if (buffer_0 == 0) {
                        plateau[i].lampe_tilt_ou_bonus = 0;
                else {
                        plateau[i].lampe_tilt_ou_bonus = 1;
                buffer >>= 1;

I have also try to declare directly de buffer in the reglage.c file without extern
and all is ok, I have just this problem if the buffer_0 to buffer_7 are declare with extern in .h file.

what do you think about this ?

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