Can't debug program on MCB2130 with Ulink2


I made a program within the uVision3 IDE and used to be debugging with a MCB2130 as a target. Because the package with the stuff needed I used the simulator so that I could work ahead.

By the time I received the package I finished my program. It's an advanced Blinky program with several options of led-loops and several options to repeat them etc. To set-up the correct options and loop you have to use the UART1 window and your keyboard as input.

Now comes my problem.. because in the simulator everthing works like a charm however, if I want to debug the program using the Ulink2-USB-kit I can't get to output text on my UART1 screen within uVision3 IDE.

Is there a simple sollution for this or is plain impossible?

Thanks in advance,

Ruud van Heugten

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