RL-FlashFS: ffind is working very slowly


I recognized that the ffind(...) is getting very slow when the number of files is growing above 40 - 50 files. Like in the documentation I abuse a repeated call to ffind("*",&info); to generate a filelisting.

I'm using MDK ARM 3.2 and RL-ARM 3.2. The drive is configured as Flash Device with sector memmory map.

I would be grateful for any hint to improve the performance to generate a filelisting?


  • Hello,
    I'am using Keil MDK 7.3.0, Keil CMSIS 5.0.0 and ucVision Version
    I have the same problem, when I'am using the ffind function with a lot of files or folders inside of the memory.
    I haved start to work with subfolders and place the the files inside of the subfolders.
    But depending on the numbers of subfolders the time for ffind was longer and longer.
    The great problem, when ffind is called it blocks the complet RealTime System for seconds (depend on numbers of subfolders).
    In my case, I can't receive new Audiodata and I lose data for this time.
    I know that I'am not using the newest version of ucVision MDK and I'am ready to order a new licence, but is this problem solved?

    My Hardwarespecs:
    - Microcontroller: LPC4357
    - Memory: 32GB eMMC (LFN FAT Filesystem)

    Best regards,

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