problem with the size of the hex file obtained from the code banking application

hi friends ,

I m a R & D engineer working for a company i have encountered an amazing problem with my linker . I am using a BL51 Linker and i m using L51_BANK.A51 file for the appropriate settings of my files.
i have FOUR files in my source project
1. C_ROOT.A51
2. C_BANK0.A51
3. C_BANK1.A51
4. L51_BANK.A51

i have used B_MODE =0

I filled the two bank files to the optimum limit with 64k of dummy data the linker linked it but the size of HEX FILE that it has generated is of 180KB

now the basic problem is that i have a 128k eeprom only
how do i program such a big hex file in that.????!!

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