Using ASC1 on a XC161CJ

I seem to be unable to activate the second async serial port on a XC161CJ.
There's hardly any difference between both ports and "ASC0" runs fine.
But whatever I do, "TXD1" will not transmit anything.
Does anyone have any experience with programming this port?

These are my settings:

ASC0_FDV = 0x016f;
ASC0_BG = 0x0006;
ASC0_CON = 0x8811;
ALTSEL0P3 |= 0x0c00;
P3 = (P3 & ~(uword)0x0800) | 0x0400;
DP3 = (DP3 & ~(uword)0x0800) | 0x0400;

ASC1_FDV = 0x016f;
ASC1_BG = 0x0006;
ASC1_CON = 0x8811;
ALTSEL0P3 |= 0x0003;
P3 = (P3 & ~(uword)0x0002) | 0x0001;
DP3 = (DP3 & ~(uword)0x0002) | 0x0001;

Now, if I write a value to "ASC0_TBUF" it comes out of pin "TXD0" serially.(don't bother about interrupts)
If I do the same with "ASC1_TBUF" nothing happens.
I can write a value to the pin itself, so physically there's nothing wrong.

What am I missing???


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