memory mapping and linker file for C164CI

I use a DIP module with an C164 CI.
When I want to add some code and some variables in my excisting program, it does not work anymore. It must be due to the memory mapping and the linker file which are not right configured.

here is the linker: (in monitor mode)


CLASSES(ICODE (0x000200-0x003FFF) , FCODE (0x000200-0x003FFF),
NCONST (0x000200-0x003FFF) , FCONST (0x000200-0x003FFF),
NDATA (0x060000-0x061FFF) , NDATA0 (0x060000-0x061FFF),
FDATA (0x060000-0x061FFF) , FDATA0 (0x060000-0x061FFF), 
HDATA (0x060000-0x061FFF) , HDATA0 (0x060000-0x061FFF),
XDATA (0x060000-0x061FFF) , XDATA0 (0x060000-0x061FFF))


As option in Keil I use:

memory model :Large
no use of on chip ROM
use of on chip RAM

external memory:
RAM 0x40000-0x46AFF
ROM 0x200000-0x23FFFF

Do anyone have the right option that I have to choose to make my program work whatever the code's size is? in monitor mode or in flash mode?

thank you.

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