List of configuration options in .uvprojx and .uvoptx files (Keil uVision 5)


As an author of CMake <> uVision Synchronizer project, I am trying to find a list of all possible (or at least all mandatory) configuration options in uVision5 Project File (.uvprojx) and uVision5 project options (.uvoptx) XML files.

Now the project is developed mostly by trial-and-error by testing on Nordic nRF5 SDK project files, which is very time-consuming and error prone. And when "everything works", the script gets tested on a project file generated by STM32Cube and there are new errors on account of new, missing or different configuration options.

I have checked the uVision Application Notes, Appendix B. File Types, Appendix C. Device Database Parameters and other sources found on the internet, however I could not find even list of options (I gave up the hope of also having the parameter descriptions).

I would be really grateful for any information regarding this topic, as developing the CMake -> uVision part of the project is nearly impossible without actually knowing which config options are important.

Thank you,

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