RTX RTOS with IDE other than MDK


I am a bit confused with some issues around RTX and would be grateful if one can help me to understand them.

1. Assume I want (or better said my boss wants ) to use RTX outside MDK, for example Atollic. I saw RTX is not distributed as a separate product, but just as a part of MDK. Does it mean I must buy MDK (assuming Lite does not fit my needs) in order to use it ? 

2. What are the technical disadvantages in using RTX with other IDE, for example Atollic? What will I miss? I thought maybe I would miss the System View tool (RTOS awareness tool).Are there all the plugins for using the RTX in Atollic?

3. I understood there is a built-in feature in MDK for RTOS awareness to see for example the threads stacks and etc. Is that something basic or similar to features of the Percepio's tool?

Thank you in advance for any help!