ARM Compute Library in Xilinx SDK for bare metal execution?

Hi all, 

I'm trying to add the ARM compute library on Xiling SDK to run a CNN on the Cortex A-9. I'm having a hard time trying to integrate it. To begin with, i downloaded the ComputeLibrary master folder at Afterwards i have read the documentation at the "bare metal" paragraph. There is a link to download linaro, which i downloaded. I made a new c++ project on SDK and i choosed the linaro toolchain that i downloaded. Then i added the library in the folder services_sw but when i try compiling it, it gives several errors. 

Can you help me please?

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  • Now i'm trying a different approach, without using Xilinx SDK and following the official documentation. Scons 2.3 or above is required to build the library. This is what i get on the terminal:

    C:\ComputeLibrary-master>scons Werror=1 -j8 debug=0 neon=1 opencl=0 os=bare_metal arch=armv7a build=cross_compile cppthreads=0 openmp=0 standalone=1
    scons: Reading SConscript files ...
    IndexError: list index out of range:
    File "C:\ComputeLibrary-master\SConstruct", line 69:
    SConsignFile('build/%s/.scons' % build_path)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Script\", line 665:
    env = self.factory()
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Script\", line 645:
    default_env = SCons.Defaults.DefaultEnvironment()
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\", line 88:
    _default_env = SCons.Environment.Environment(*args, **kw)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\", line 982:
    apply_tools(self, tools, toolpath)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\", line 107:
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\", line 1789:
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\", line 296:
    self.generate(env, *args, **kw)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\", line 40:
    for t in SCons.Tool.tool_list(env['PLATFORM'], env):
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\", line 1266:
    c_compiler = FindTool(c_compilers, env) or c_compilers[0]
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\", line 1169:
    if t.exists(env):
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\", line 292:
    return msvc_exists(env)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\", line 759:
    vcs = cached_get_installed_vcs(env)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\", line 524:
    ret = get_installed_vcs(env)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\", line 535:
    VC_DIR = find_vc_pdir(ver)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\", line 344:
    comps = find_vc_pdir_vswhere(msvc_version)
    File "C:\Python\Python37\scons\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\", line 306:
    vc_pdir = os.path.join(vsdir[0], 'VC')

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