ARM cortex M3 receive interrupt

Actually i am using ADuCM350EBZ evaluation board,it have ARm cortex m3 micro controller i want to enable UART receive  interrupt, like when i enter any button from keyboard then interrupt will occur.My UART configuration like this,

Settings.BaudRate = ADI_UART_BAUD_115200;
Settings.bBlockingMode = true;
Settings.bInterruptMode = true;
Settings.Parity = ADI_UART_PARITY_NONE;
Settings.WordLength = ADI_UART_WLS_8;
Settings.bDmaMode = false;

i main body i am just printing hello world like this 

int main (void)


PRINT("Hello World\n\r")


but after using this command "Settings.bInterruptMode = true;" i can not see "Hello World" on UART terminal. 

 i am also uploading my UART.c and UART.h file respectively that will help you for understanding.!AtrfhdPd0_93ae6sp-s1v5KggsI!AtrfhdPd0_93as57exTFS20reWA