DS-5 eclipse debug stuck at waitForTargetToStop

First I follow the DS-5 start demo and can debug my code correctly on the ARM FVP -> VE_Coretex_A9x1.

Then I follow the link to enable NEON and it needs to set CPU target in the build, the axf file has been built correctly but the debugger stops to work. The CA9_FVP hangs after connected to board. It shows waitForTargetToStop.

Connected to stopped target ARM FVP (Installed with DS-5) - VE_Cortex_A9x1 Execution stopped at: S:0x00000000 loadfile "S:\code\wireless\math_neon\Debug\math_neon.axf" S:0x00000000 DCI 0xe7ff0010 ; ? Undefined Loaded section ER_RO: S:0x80000000 ~ S:0x80002C0B (size 0x2C0C) Loaded section ER_RW: S:0x80002C0C ~ S:0x80002C1F (size 0x14) Entry point S:0x80000000 cd "C:\Users\fengxu\Documents\DS-5 Workspace" Semihosting server socket created at port 8001 Semihosting enabled automatically due to semihosting symbol detected in image 'math_neon.axf' Working directory "C:\Users\fengxu\Documents\DS-5 Workspace" set debug-from main start Starting target with image S:\code\wireless\math_neon\Debug\math_neon.axf Running from entry point wait

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  • Neon engine is disabled at reset, you need to enable it by yourself.

    Enabling NEON requires 2 steps

    1.Enable access to coprocessors 10 and 11 and allow Neon instructions

      MRC   p15, 0x0, r0, c1, c0, 2  ; Read CP15 CPACR

      ORR   r0, r0, #(0x0f << 20)  ; Full access rights

      MCR   p15, 0x0, r0, c1, c0, 2  ; Write CP15 CPACR


    2.Enable NEON and VFP

      MOV r0, #0x40000000   ; Set bit 30

      VMSR FPEXC, r0        ; Write r0 to Floating Point Exception Register

  •  I owe you an apology for not understanding your answer correctly. After more debugging from the entry point, I have found that the problem was due to an exception being raised before the main() function. More specifically in the fp_init() function that is automaically generated to initialise the floating-point unit when the Cortex-A9 is chosen as the target CPU. The solution was to write my own fp_init() function and add it to the project. I found the code for that in 'startup.s' file of the fireworks_A9-FVP_AC5 tutorial project that comes with DS-5. This code is identical to the code in your answer. So your answer was in fact correct, just not explicit enough for my entry-level understanding! Thank you for helping.

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