Stepping through code interrupted

Hi everybody,

I'm currently evaluating Arm Development Studio as a replacement for uVision from Keil MDK.

I'm using the most recent version with an STM32H7, currently debugging the M7 core with an STLINK V2 - altough the problem persists with a J-LINK.

Currently, I'm struggling to properly step through code. As I have several periodic interrupts, I'm always ending up in an interrupt.

While this makes sense - interrupts occur at several kHz - this behavior is very different from how debugging worked in uVision where, while stepping through code, interrupts seem to be disabled.

I had a look through the commands listed here: but could not identify a command to disable interrupts while stepping through the code.

Is there any way/option to replicate how uVision stepped through code?

Thanks in advance, any help is highly appreciated!

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