ADB connection unstable, making Streamline/GA almost unusable

In both Streamline and Graphics Analyzer, when connecting to an Android device, the target device would briefly appear in the devices list, but then disappear, showing "No targets have been detected" (Streamline) / "Unable to validate ADB" (GA), and reappear after a few seconds - the cycle repeats, as if I have a loose connection.

In very rare occasions, the app was able to get through the "flashing" phase and show me the app to capture, and if I start capture then, the app works just fine afterwards, with constant output and no disconnections. However, it's nowhere near reliable.

I've tried different USB ports, cables and even target devices, but all of them exhibit the same behaviour. Also note that my ADB setup is fine all this time, as I can "adb shell" to my device and it stays connected.

Product: DS 2021.0 Gold Evaluation, with Streamline 7.6 / Graphics Analyzer 5.8

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

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