Errors while importing CCS project into IAR project

Hi team,

I want to import CCS project into IAR project, I have created new project in IAR EW for RM57L843, I add source and include folders to IAR project manually.

I also added safety libraries into project. After buiding project I am getting following errors.

Error[40]: Bad instruction D:\CCS_TO_IAR\IAR_Porting_8-1-2021\source\HL_sys_core.asm 38

Error[4]: Unexpected end of file encountered D:\CCS_TO_IAR\IAR_Porting_8-1-2021\source\HL_sys_core.asm 729

Error while running Assembler

sometimes I also get compilation error.

I also added header files into project Options, still I am getting errors.

What are these errors ? Am I missing something?

Please help me to solve these issues.



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