ARM Development Studio IDE 2020.1 and DE10-NANO --> Linker and debugging issue

As the title states:

  1. ARM Development Studio IDE 2020.1 using ARM Compiler 6
  2. DE10-NANO board
  3. Quartus 18.1
  4. Windows 10

I have an FPGA and SOC design done and the RBF generated. I can program the FPGA with the SOF file and the LEDs toggle as expected.

  • I created the .rbf file from this .SOF for use by the preloader.
  • I created the header file for the HPS peripherals.
  • I created the preloader using bsp-editor (Watchdog disabled and FAT support enabled)

The following steps were performed in ARM DS2020.1

  1. Create a new project
    1. Select "C Project"
    2. "Empty project"
    3. "Arm Compiler 6" --> Only have options of Arm compiler 5 or 6, no GCC which is fine with me.
  2. Opened the properties of project and did the following:
    1. Added "soc_cv_av" symbol to preprocessor macros section (-D)
    2. Added path to "intel/18.1/embedded....../hwlib/include" to includes section
    3. Added path to "intel/18.1/embedded....../hwlib/include/soc_cv_av" to includes section
    1. Normally for GCC, I would now add my linkerscript (also found in the intel install directories), but Arm Compiler 6 does not have such a setting.
  4. I used my old debug script since it seems everything in it would be ok. The debug script points to the correct location for the preloader binary and the correct place where the .axf file for the project will reside.
  5. Then I setup the debug configuration
    1. Intel dual core A9 bare metal
    2. added peripheral description files (from my soc_system folder)
    3. set the connection to usb blaster
    4. set board connection to the DE10_Nano connected to PC.
    5. configured the debugger to load my debug script.
  6. Created simple project to print message to console using printf
  7. Compiled the project with no errors
  8. Connected to the target without a problem
    1. The source file is not opened and the PC set at start of main as expected.
    2. Disassembler opens and I can step
    3. If I Run the debugger, it seems to be running "some" code on the CPU but it does not look like my code.
    4. In the target console, the printf message is not present.
    5. the FPGA is not loaded with the .rbf file.

I vaguely remember something of scatter files, but not sure how all this fits together.

How can I use my .ld linker script (as provided by intel/altera)??

Where is the FPGA .rbf file supposed to be loaded??

Some help would be greatly appreciated.

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