DS-5 Community Edition bare metal debugging ?


Is it possible to use Community Edition Licence to connect to developement board, load image and do some bare metal debugging stuff ? (no Linux kernel, just pure application).

Will it work in following enviroment ?

IDE: Intel SoC EDS (DS-5 included)

Toolchain: arm-none-eabi-gcc

Board: DE0 Nano SoC

Connection: USB Blaster

In DS-5 Community Edition Product Overview we can find:

"DS-5 Debugger, a graphical debugger supporting software development on ARM processor-based targets and Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) targets.. It makes it easy to debug bare-metal and Linux applications with comprehensive and intuitive views, including synchronized source and disassembly, call stack, memory, registers, expressions, variables, threads, and breakpoints. "

Im I right ?



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