Unexpected symbol ENUMERATION_TYPE


I compiled my project with a toolchain out of buildroot and everything works fine expect that i get a warning in the Commands-Tab after I started to debug:

set debug-from main
! Failed to start the target
! Failed to resolve breakpoint expression "main"
! Failed to demand load DWARF debugging information: section .debug_info, offset 0x3a71
! Unexpected symbol ENUMERATION_TYPE
WARNING(CMD407): Trying the entry point instead
Execution stopped at breakpoint 1: 0x00011208
In _start (no debug info)

Debugging works just in Disassembly and expressions won't work at all. The error ' Unexpected symbol ENUMERATION_TYPE '  seems odd cause it's a default debug entry of DWARF, isn't it?

So I need some suggestions. Same results from DS-5 5.23.1 & 5.25.0.

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