Download Linux based HelloWorld.out to Stratix10 target over D-STREAM JTAG connector


Our software team members are new to Arm DS-5. We try to develop an ARM linux based application to run on Intel Stratix10 SoC board running Linux. The board does not have any Ethernet ports. It just has a HPS JTAG debug port. We created a HelloWorld program in C and built with eSDK for ARM architecture. The file is generated as HelloWorld.out.

We have been struggling with loading HelloWorld.out using DS-5 and D-STREAM with JTAG to Stratix10 SoC board running Linux.

Could you (with ARM development expertise) please provide some instructions on how to set up DS-5 connection to load a linux based app to the target running Linux?  

Since the board does not come with Ethernet port, we can not be able to use dbgserver for connection and loading the executable file to the target.

Many thanks in advance.

Dan T

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