Trouble creating gator driver for Streamline

I'm working with N1SDP development board(Linux 5.1.0+ version) and trying to use Streamline with it. However, i have trouble creating gator driver (gator.ko). it is not compatible with the gator daemon (gatord). I'm wild guessing the problem comes from the Linux kernel source. I've downloaded the Linux-source(4.15. version) from the N1SDP board and tried building the gator.ko using the downloaded kernel source code on another Ubuntu host PC. Upon obtaining the gator.ko file, it is incompatible with the gatord created which in return doesn't allow us to run Streamline in Kernel Space Gator mode. Any insights on how to resolve this issue?

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  • Hi TerenceL, 

    I don't seem to find anything related to the deprecation of kernel space gatord in the documentation,

    It's beyond deprecated now - it's been removed since the 2020.0 release, including any reference to it from the documentation.

    Nevertheless, Streamline seems to still need some info from kernel space:

    That's a bug - that part of the live mode capture table needs to be removed.

    Is it possible to get this info with user space gatord?

    Add a custom event to poll proc/meminfo for the process.

    Kind regards, 

    P.S. Please start a new question rather than reopening old unrelated posts.

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