Tools for scanning ethernet connected DSTREAM devices


    I have a DSTREAM device connected to a dhcp network, however, I cannot locate the device . I know there was a tool called "Debug Hardware Configuration Utilities"( which can search the DSTREAM device in the network. But I cannot find it in my install(ARM DS-5 v5.29.2), where can I get this tool or is there any alternative way to search the DSTREAM device?


  • Hi Marcus

    The Browse button in the Debug Configuration dialog allows you to locate a DSTREAM on your local network or USB ports on your PC. To connect to a DSTREAM beyond the local network, you'll need to know its IP address or its Host Name, and enter that in the Connection field.

    The functionality of the previously-separate Debug Hardware Configuration Utilities tool has been integrated into views in the IDE. To open the Debug Hardware Configure IP view, select Window > Show View > Other > DS-5 Debugger > Debug Hardware Configure IP. See:

    Hope this helps to resolve your problem.

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