QSP not available error even though ARM DS-5 Gold with env properly set

We are able to use the armcc 5.06u6 as a standalone compiler as well by setting the required environment variables using: 

export ARM_PRODUCT_DEF=/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2019.0/sw/mappings/gold.elmap
export ARM_CONFIG_PATH=/home/uab/.arm/ds/2019.0
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2019.0/bin/../sw/ARMCompiler5.06u6/bin:/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2019.0/bin:/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2019.0/sw/java/bin

However, in building the trustzone directory of the Qualcomm chipcode for MSM8909, we're getting the following error: 

Error: C9580E: QSP is not available with the current toolkit and license. Check that ARM_TOOL_VARIANT is set correctly.
Information about this error is available at: http://ds.arm.com/support/lic81
 General licensing information is available at: http://ds.arm.com/support/licensing/
 If you need further help, provide this complete error report to your supplier or license.support@arm.com.
 - Product location: /opt/arm/developmentstudio-2019.0/sw/mappings
 - Toolchain location: /opt/arm/developmentstudio-2019.0/sw/ARMCompiler5.06u6/bin
 - Selected tool variant: product
Product: Arm Development Studio Gold Edition 2019.0
Component: ARM Compiler 5.06 update 6 (build 750)
Tool: armcc [4d3637]
Fatal error: C3903U: Argument 'QSP.no_neon.no_vfp' not permitted for option 'cpu'.

Is this because of a feature (QSP) being missing in the professional gold edition of DS-5? 
We have also tried explicitly setting ARM_TOOL_VARIANT and found no change. 

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  • Hi

    it seems you have not set your licence properly. you need open the DS IDE one time after the installation, and select the licence as gold or silver, then open the command line, select the default compiler by run select_default_toolchain.bat under C:\Program Files\ARM\Development Studio 2020.0\bin, you can pick armcc, then run 'armcc --cpu list' you can see, I can see the QSP support there



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