CMSIS DSP new functionality proposal

CMSIS DSP is a great tool which allows Cortex-M4 devices to have a great app field range, even replacing some general purpose DSP sometimes. However I am missing some "simple" new functions that could enhance, even more, the use of it.

For example:

- LOG approximation functions (float, int16, etc), which are one of the greatest time consumption methods in an Audio application.

- Vector Division, as Vector Multiplication (arm_mult_f32), quite handy.

- Threshold functions, something similar to the arm_max_f32 function. Comparing athreshold level and returning a vector with ones or zeroes if the original vector is bigger or smaller than the threshold level.

- Complex Phase calculation, same way as arm_cmplx_mag_f32 does for calculating the magnitude of an output FFT signal, but for getting the phase of two signals.

I am sure many other users have many more suggestions/ideas to extend the functionality of CMSIS DSP, which is the base of many great prodcuts/applications out there.

Please, take this as just a starting point, but from my point of view, I think this could be pretty interesting.


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