Porting the Linux Kernel on the Cortex-M4 architecture of STMicroelectronics STM32F407VGT6 MCU

Hi guys

This is my first post on this community page.

Actually I have a ST microelectronics development Board with the following controller on it STM32F407VGT6.

Now I want to port the arm Linux to it.

The specs of the controller are as follows:

----   Cortex M4.

-----  168 MHz of max. frequency.

-----  No MMU.

Since it has no mmu therefore, it will be not possible to port the full-fledged Linux kernel on it.

Therefore I want to port the uClinux kernel on it,.

but I do not know that how to make the arm Linux source code present  on the above mentioned link to be converted in the uClinux.

Do I have to apply any patch to it or have to do anything else.

Please tell me the steps needed in order to get the code source so that I can build it and generate the binary file to be run on my board.


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