Flash Programming failed error on LPC1519 while debugging a simple C code.


So i know this isn't something to do with the board but the debugger configuration in the ARM-DS Ver.2018 software as i implemented this code on Keil MicroVision and it worked properly.I imported the project from Keil and it is getting built properly however when i try executing a new debug hardware connection, it connects the target pro but while executing the flash multiple-load command it throws the following error:

Once this error comes in the command window ,in the progress tab the loading bar just gets stuck on initializing DTSL and does not exit until I pause the debugging.Please someone help me with  this problem this occurs when i enable debug from symbol(main) but does not happen when i do it with debug from entry point.

But however when i select the second option after jumping through instructions in the startup file just before it enters main it get stuck on a particular instruction and the command line throws an error like:

Unable to get address/ access to SP

The first highlighted error is the one which is causing the trouble, everytime i try to initiate a new debug connection.

Thank you.

WARNING(TAD451): Errors were found whilst processing CMSIS SVD file "C:\Users\Administrator\Development Studio Workspace\.metadata\.plugins\com.arm.debug.cmsis\DS-MDK\SVD\LPC15xx\LPC15xx.svd". See report "C:\Users\ADMINI~1\AppData\Local\Temp\svd_report3943043305616492283.log" for details.
Stopping running target LPC1500_DFP_LPC1549JBD100 on connection
Connected to running target LPC1500_DFP_LPC1549JBD100
Execution stopped in Handler mode due to a breakpoint or watchpoint: 0x030002FE
0x030002FE B {pc} ; 0x30002fe
cd "C:\Users\Administrator\Development Studio Workspace"
Working directory "C:\Users\Administrator\Development Studio Workspace"
Execution stopped in Handler mode at 0x030002FE
0x030002FE B {pc} ; 0x30002fe
reset reset.system
flash load-multiple "C:\Users\Administrator\Development Studio Workspace\Blinky (MCB1500)_LPC1549_Flash\Debug\Blinky (MCB1500)_LPC1549_Flash.axf"
! Flash programming failed
! Flash programming failed
! Verify failed at address: 0x0000001c
file "C:\Users\Administrator\Development Studio Workspace\Blinky (MCB1500)_LPC1549_Flash\Debug\Blinky (MCB1500)_LPC1549_Flash.axf"
Execution stopped in Privileged Thread mode due to a breakpoint or watchpoint: 0x0200147C
0x0200147C B {pc} ; 0x200147c
reset reset.system
load "C:\Users\Administrator\Development Studio Workspace\Blinky (MCB1500)_LPC1549_Flash\Debug\Blinky (MCB1500)_LPC1549_Flash.axf"
Ignored loads to:
0x00000000 ~ 0x0003FFFF (LPC1549JBD100-0)
Entry point 0x00000111
set debug-from *$ENTRYPOINT

Thank you

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