Arm Graphics Analyzer

Can any one help with the usage of Graphics Analyzer?

I have connected host and target using port 5002. Also, in the GA mobile application it is detecting my application as a traceable app. But not able to collect trace data on host.

These are the messages on Console:

[INFO]: Target event: CONNECTION_REQUEST, []
[INFO]: Target event: DEVICE_INFO, []

  • Hi mgupt, 

    It sounds like you are running on Android. The Graphics Analyzer interceptor uses a local domain socket to connect the application being instrumented to the on-target daemon, which is used to package the data for the host machine. In recent versions of the Android SDK, applications are placed inside a more restrictive security sandbox which blocks access to the method we use to create the local domain socket.

    As a workaround for this issue, build the application being tested using a manifest that sets the targetSdkVersion to 25 or lower. We are working on a fix for the next release which should mean that this workaround is no longer required.

    If this doesn't help can you send us a logcat capture of your application (it's more likely that the error is thrown by the interceptor library not the daemon application).

    Kind regards, 

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