Debug the R52 sample project in DS-5 Studio, stuck into EL1_undefined_Handler

I was using the evalution ultimated version of DS5 studio. To try and play, I chose the R52 sample program to import.

Follow the DS-5-Workspace/startup_Cortex-R52/readme.html, I didnt get error when build and debug configuration. But after start debugging and run the debug, it always stuck into the same place without getting into main function.


Starting target with image /home/caoj/DS-5-Workspace/startup_Cortex-R52/startup_Cortex-R52.axf
Running from entry point
Execution stopped in SVC mode at N:0x00000000
N:0x00000000 69,0 LDR PC, EL2_Reset_Addr
break -p "/home/caoj/DS-5-Workspace/startup_Cortex-R52/startup.s":206
Breakpoint 2 at N:0x00002890
on file startup.s, line 206
condition 2
break-script 2 ""
ignore 2 0
break-stop-on-cores 2
unsilence 2
Breakpoint 2 unsilenced
add-symbol-file "${workspace_loc:/startup_Cortex-R52/startup_Cortex-R52.axf}" N:0
ERROR(ITR575): Symbols for image /home/caoj/DS-5-Workspace/startup_Cortex-R52/startup_Cortex-R52.axf are already loaded at offset N:0x00000000
Execution stopped in UND mode at N:0x000000A0
N:0x000000A0 149,0 B EL1_Undefined_Handler


I tried do it on console, it is successful to print out the result same as the readme.

$ FVP_BaseR_Cortex-R52x1 -a startup_Cortex-R52.axf
terminal_2: Listening for serial connection on port 5004
terminal_3: Listening for serial connection on port 5005
terminal_1: Listening for serial connection on port 5006
terminal_0: Listening for serial connection on port 5007
Default Memory Map Error: Invalid json format.

Cortex-R52 bare-metal startup example
Floating point calculation using the software floating point library (no FPU)...
Float result is 0.937500
Float result should be 0.937500
Insertion sort took 3 clock ticks
Shell sort took 5 clock ticks
Quick sort took 0 clock ticks

Can anyone help me on this issue, thanks.

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