How could I find the critical functions when dual core cpu is fully loading?

It can see almost 100% CPU0 usage during the timeline 2.34s ~ 2.42s(in figure 1). How can we know which functions are executed in CPU0/ CPU1 @timeline 2.376s(in figure 2)?

The figure 3 is show the functions sheet @timeline 2.376s, but no more information about CPU.

Please let us know if you know how to check functions executed in CPU0/1. Thank you

Figure 1                                                                            


Figure 2.

Figure 3.

  • The timeline view can be set to view the _thread_ core affinity, by switching to Core Map view in lower left corner of screen (default is Heat Map).

    You will then get a color coded view based on the CPU colors defined (blue for Core0, green for Core1 from your Fig 2 above). You can use the 'Row Filter" textbox to isolate the thread you care about if necessary. Click on the thread of interest to filter the timeline view to just that thread.

    The call paths view will then show just that thread, and just for the time window set by the calipers, which is hopefully enough for you to determine which functions are running.

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